Effective Solutions to Complex Environmental

Annual Priorities

To achieve our priorities and objectives, the following is PRI's Action Plan:

Priority 1:

  • Share and adapt best environmental management practices.
  • Actions:  Document, share, publicize lessons learned from current and past project in Alaska, other states, regions, countries on similar environmental challenges;

Priority 2:

  • Actively engage as a partner in our communities to foster mutual understanding and reconciliation of societal and individual human needs with responsibility for physical, natural, and cultural systems;
  • Action:  Advocate for public engagement in the environmental permitting process;
  • Action: Enhance understanding of the impact of permitting challenges on development projects and on every day Alaskans by conducting seminars, publishing blogs, speaking to the press and media, reach out to school and university systems;

Priority 3:

  • Improve communication and advance the state of the art among people who deal with the environmental planning, analysis and evaluation; This includes people, communities, and events across Alaska, the United States and the Pacific Rim.
  • Action:  Conduct bridge-building activities that would initiate or enhance a dialogue among organized public and individuals in leadership roles on the subject of environmental permitting;

Priority 4:

  • Understand environmental permitting and regulation challenges and focus on resolving them by providing creative, responsible, and effective solutions;
  • Action:  Serve as consultants, arbitrators, knowledge-based solution providers to our stakeholders.
  • Action: Serve as a neutral forum to our stakeholders to allow parties find remedies outside of litigation. 
  • Action: Participate in projects that achieve mutual support between natural and man-made; between current and future components of the physical, natural and cultural environment. 

Priority 5:

  • Encourage and carry out research and education in order to enhance, maintain and protect the quality of the natural and human environment in the Pacific Rim while maintaining a unique focus on Alaska;
  • Action:  Complete and publicize research on environmental permitting issues faced by stakeholders to the economic development process in Arctic Alaska
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